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Ferruccio Lamborghini is an ambitious entrepreneur who turned a challenge into a lucrative opportunity. His disappointment with a Ferrari’s clutch prompted the tractor- manufacturer to start the journey of building sports cars.

Laying a firm foundation
Automobili Ferruccio Lamborghini was established in 1963 and the wealthy businessman bought a large piece of land to build his factory. In 1964, he introduced 350 GT a two-seater with a 3.2 liter 12-cylinder engine and 320 CV. It awed many and was a success with 120 pieces being produced.

In the same year, he presented the 400 GT with a 4.0-liter engine. The factory was a busy place with the stunning Miura being launched in 1966 at the Geneva Motor Show. It was 4.0-liter V12 engine, 350hp and could accelerate from 0 to 100 in less than seven seconds. It could attain a speed of 280 km/hr making it the fastest in the world. Lamborghini was becoming a household name in the sports car industry and the company got countless orders. Over the years, Miura was modified to Miura Roadster, Miura S version and the current Aventador.

Successful Brands
Espada was a great model that had the distinctive feature of vertically opening doors. Islero GT was known for its comfortable and remarkable interior. The powerful Countach had a great design, was the backbone of the company and was in production for several years. Diablo was released in the 1990s and by that time it was the fastest car in the world. Its top speed was 325 km/hr and could accelerate from 0 to 100km/hr in less than five seconds. The supercar was in production between 1990 and 2000.

Murcielago and V-10 Gallardo gave the company stability and revived its reputation in the early 2000s. 2010 saw the debut of Sesto Elemento which had an application of carbon-fiber technology. In 2011, the company introduced V-12 Aventador and other versions of Gallardo. The Huracan premiered in 2014 at the Geneva Auto Show with sportier versions of Aventador being presented in 2015. In 2016, Centenario was launched to celebrate the hundredth anniversary of the founder’s birth. It has an innovative design and impressive performance.

Change of Guard
Financial difficulties have seen the car manufacturer change several hands. In 1972, Ferruccio Lamborghini sold control of the company to Georges-Henri Rossetti and Rene Leimer. The company was bankrupt in 1978 and was administered by two brothers during the receivership. The Mimran brothers gained control of the company in 1984 but later in 1987, they sold it to Chrysler Corporation. Chrysler tried to revive the company but later sold the company in 1994 to an Indonesian firm MegaTech. In 1998, the company was acquired by Volkswagen subsidiary AUDI AG. It was restructured to Lamborghini Holdings S.p.A and it continues to thrive.