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Lamborghini, a superstar of supercars, has rolled out its brawny hybrid Urus SUV, which can mosey to the market or blast down the racetrack. It packs 680 horsepower, redlines at a searing 190 mph, rockets from 0-60 at warp speed and can be yours for $200,000. The Urus will be available a tantalizing 18 months from now.

The Urus is the first electrified Lamborghini in the company’s history. It’s the first Super Sport Utility Vehicle and the first five-seater super sports car. It’s also the first SUV Lamborghini has designed since the LM002 in the ’80s. Lambo is eyeing sales of 4,000 of the vehicles annually.

According to Lamborghini CFO Stefano Domenicali, a surprising 70 percent of Urus buyers have never owned a Lamborghini. This is because hypercar aficionados residing near bad roads couldn’t safely navigate the low-profile beasts over them. They can with a Urus. The Urus is impervious to dirt, gravel, potholes and rain. Although, despite its blistering speed, it’s not impervious to speeding tickets.

Urus is also reaching women, who formerly weren’t a large part of this testosterone-driven market. “It would be so ignorant to identify the buyer of a car today based on paint color or trim preference,” says Brett David of Miami’s Prestige Imports. “It’s not about whether there’s a hole…for a purse.”

Lamborghini anticipates ending 2018 with an overall production of approximately 5,000 Raging Bulls. More than 1,000 are anticipated to be the Urus. At the end of 2019 the SUV will dominate more than half of Lambo’s predicted 8,000-vehicle production.

Many exotic car dealerships are already inundated with orders for the unexpectedly in-demand machine. According to Brian Miller of Manhattan Motorcars, he’s already received 60 orders and anticipates effortlessly selling 100.

Members of England’s Premier Football League are among the celebrities vying for the Urus. Like many others, regardless of status, they must trudge to the back of the line.

Lamborghini’s Urus Super Sport Utility Vehicle is a pioneering automobile that has enthralled its customers, as well as its creators. It is the first super SUV; a huge advancement that has rocked the automotive world.

“You must have a vision,” says Maurizio Reggiani, Head of Research and Development for Automobili Lamborghini, SpA, “or you have nothing.”