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Incline Dynamic Outlet, a technology company who’s headquarters is in California, recently fused a camera with the Lamborghini Huracan. This Lamborghini has over six-hundred horsepower and a V-10 engine. Incline Dynamic Outlet claims to have created the fastest camera car to date.


How Fast is the Huracan?

To put the sped of the Huracan in perspective, it goes from idle to sixty miles per hour in just over three seconds. It’s top speed is well over two-hundred miles per hour. Even though attaching a camera to the front of the car will certainly slow these two metrics down, there’s no doubt the Huracan will still be able to reach impressive speeds.


How Was This Camera Car Made?

Another interesting aspect of the project is that it did not take as much work as one would think. All the mechanics did was remove the hood, cover the area with a sheet of metal, and then secure a customized mount to it. Because the engine is quite big, it offsets the weight of this customized mount so that it doesn’t cause the car to lean in one direction.


What Parts Were Used?

To acquire the gimbal for this customized Lamborghini, Gyro Stabilized Systems was called in for manufacturing. The camera that’s attached to the car is a Red Epic, that takes photos at 8K quality.


Why the Huracan is Different

Camera cars are not a new concept, as many cinematic production companies have been using them to create compelling scenes for years. However, most camera cars are originally high-quality SUVs, like the Porsche Cayenne.


How Does the Huracan Stack up?

Previously, the quickest camera car was made in 2014. To create compelling scenes in the Need for Speed franchise, the production company mounted cameras on the Ferrari 458 and a Ford Mustang with Shelby tuning. These cars were able to move at speeds of over five-hundred and sixty horsepower and six-hundred and twenty horsepower, respectively. However, Incline Dynamic Outlet believes their customized Huracan is even faster.


Closing Thoughts

While a high-speed camera car is not a new idea, Incline Dynamic Outlet’s Lamborghini Huracan has certainly taken the technology to new heights.

By using a high-quality sports car and customized parts, they’ve created the fastest camera car in the world.