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Although the Lamborghini brand has been accused of many things over the years, subtlety has never been one of them. With the release of their first SUV, this enterprising team of engineers has not bucked that trend. Known as the Urus, this beefcake of a sport utility vehicle weighs in at over a whopping 4,000 pounds. But those who might think that its marvelous mass would weigh it down will find themselves in the wrong. After all, the folks at Lamborghini know their demographic. Anything less than incredibly fast would be absolutely unacceptable to them, which is why this sensational SUV can generate up to 62 mph in just 3.6 seconds.

Its hulking engine leaves nothing to be desired, as it is capable of cranking out a stunning 640 mph. In fact, no detail has been overlooked during the construction of this car. Outfitted with gorgeous Pirellis, the Urus is beautiful from head to toe. However, like so many other vehicles in the Lambo lineup, it comes at a very steep price. Those who want to see this showstopping SUV in their own garage will need to fork out almost a quarter of a million dollars! Of course, for many of those who are in the target demographic, this kind of investment in a personal vehicle is no problem at all. In fact, many have even touted the car as being “affordable” for a Lamborghini.

Both critics and consumers alike have swooned at the features of the Urus, which still somehow manages to preserve its Italian DNA during construction. The lines of the SUV are decidedly distinctive, reminding people that this isn’t just any luxury SUV; it’s a Lambo. Boasting a glass cockpit that is both futuristic and practical, this riveting ride has convinced many that it is worth every penny. With 627 ft-lbs of torque at the ready, this innovative incarnation is ready to go at the drop of a hat—even if drivers are just shuttling their kids off to soccer practice. Some of the features, such as the six-speed levels and the “Ego” switch, seem to be perfectly catered toward the Lambo clientele. A mechatronic rear axle can even make up for some drivers’ shortcomings, reminding us that big investments can be a good thing.