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For people living in South Africa, they have growing reasons for excitement. Lamborghini announced that they will add a new home for the brand. One year ago, the luxury carmaker had problems with its former distributors, Imperial Automotive and the Volkswagen brand. South Africa switched to LSM Distributors, which has a good reputation in South Africa. LSM Distributors already manages and imports the Porsches and the Bentleys.

A Complement to LSM’s Existing Vehicle Brands

Toby Venter, the CEO of LSM, said that they have full confidence in Lamborghini adding value to the existing car brands they already represent. Venter also owns the Kyalami racetrack. With LSM Distributors taking over management, Lamborghini and its customers have a sustainable future in South Africa.

Opportune Timing

The sudden change of distributor has come at one of the most crucial times for this Italian marque. Not too long ago, the company unveiled the Aventador S and the Aventador Super Veloce, which have progressed to the final stages of development. In the key global markets, the sales climbed. For example, the V12 Aventador sold six percent more in 2017 with 1,173 sales. Meanwhile, the Huracán sales shot up 12 percent at 2,642 sales. The key global markets include:

  • United States
  • Japan
  • Germany
  • United Kingdom
  • China
  • Canada

Stefano Domenicali, the CEO and chairman of Automobil Lamborghini, said the company achieved record sales that outperform the company’s financial objectives. It raised its goals and expectations in the coming year with the new Urus, a super SUV. The new Urus checks out at R3,495,000. In addition, the car sold out on a global scale in 2018. Nevertheless, they still plan to produce 7,000 vehicles in total. That leaves plenty of wiggle room for Urus.

An optimistic future dwells in the air for the automaker. Lamborghini has rolled out its plans to open shop at the Bentley facility in Melrose Arch, Johannesburg. Meanwhile, Lamborghini also plans to use the existing showroom in Cape Town. Toby Venter expresses optimism for selling 50 Lamborghinis in South Africa per year. That may sound overly enthusiastic, but the new Urus super SUV arrives during the third quarter of this year, and most analysts predict the sales will shoot through the roof.