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Cities around Europe were rated and selected in 2017 in order to offer future travelers a description of fascinating and exciting places to visit on their next European vacation. People enjoy a city for a variety of reasons including the city’s history, art, culture, architecture, cuisine, entertainment, beauty, and shopping venues. These 15 incredible destination cities are likely to entice and attract travelers to Europe for many years to come.

Selected as the number one place to visit in Europe in 2017 was Porto, Portugal. Travelers visiting Porto will enjoy the beautiful city’s architecture, history, culture, and cuisine. Milan, Italy was chosen for its elegance, style, art, architecture, and shopping attractions. Gdansk in Poland offers travelers insight into its culture, science, entertainment, art, and fashion. Gdansk is also recognized as a source of inspiration to both locals and tourists.

Athens, Greece provides tourists a rich history as it embodies one of the world’s oldest cities; it also attracts visitors with its Mediterranean cuisine and breathtaking landscapes. San Sebastian, Spain is popular for its food, culture, scenery, and natural resources. Sozopol, Bulgaria offers travelers diverse landscapes, from sea to mountains, as well as a vibrant history and culture. Vienna, Austria attracts tourists because of its exquisite buildings and palaces, its enthralling history, and its renown architecture.

Labeled the sunniest island in Europe, Stari Grad, Croatia remains rich in history and agriculture. Basel, Switzerland is known for its culture, fascinating museums, and superb art. Madrid, Spain spices up Europe with its exciting nightlife and entertainment, as well as with its fantastic art, shopping, cuisine, and culture. Rotterdam in The Netherlands represents a young and innovative city with modern architecture and fun festivals.

Rome, Italy is famous for its architecture, history, cuisine, art, and splendid terrain including sea, hills, rivers, lakes, and vineyards. Paris, France is known worldwide for its beauty, romance, history, architecture, and delicious food and wine. Bonifacio, France attracts travelers who enjoy the ocean and the ocean’s creatures, and it embodies a natural habitat with rare and protected species. Wild Taiga, Finland has also become popular for its wildlife and nature, along with its intriguing traditions and culture.

These 15 cities offer travelers wonder, beauty, adventure, and discovery. When planning a European vacation, consider making a stop at these amazing places.