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Shiva Narayan

Director, E World Holdings

About Shiva Narayan

Shiva Narayan is the Director of a property investment firm and is currently residing in Malaysia.

Shiva Narayan, the Director of E World Holdings, specializes in investments, development, brokerage services, and property and asset management. Narayan offers guidance and expertise to both individual and commercial real estate properties, exhibiting a wealth of knowledge among big and small investors.

Prior to E World Holdings, Shiva Narayan worked for Expandus Resources. As their director, Shiva provided opportunities to investors through the company’s global associates to position lucrative investment properties for sale. Throughout his year at Expandus Resources, Shiva was deemed Key Person in helping the company generate a $5million turnover in FY 2014. Shiva Narayan began working as Director of E World Holdings in 2015. Since its inception, Shiva and Troy Narayan have successfully aided International Developers raise over 12 billion in funds. Personally, Shiva was named Key Person in the acquisition of mines, quarry allocations and coal concessions in numerous areas including Malaysia, Indonesia, and Laos. Shiva also the Key Person in acquisition of oil and gas in Timor Leste, for a group of private investors.

Together, both Shiva and Troy Narayan have  transformed undeveloped land and distressed properties all across the world into promising, sustainable assets to the surrounding community. In order to deliver superior return, the E World Holdings team evaluates each property from a real estate and capital market perspective to maximize the overall value. As the owners of a  renowned company, both Shiva and Troy pride themselves on integrity and transparency. Together they determine and implement investment strategy and revise as necessary. They also work to identify relevant information sources to ensure purchasing decisions are supported by high quality data. Moving forward both Shiva and Troy will then analyze  financial performance of potential and current properties and prepare investment and strategic planning recommendations.

Apart from his career, Shiva Narayan is an avid traveler. Shiva is fortunate enough to be able to travel for work, but he also enjoys leisure travel. When he’s not in Venezuela or Dubai, Narayan is often enjoying time in the Middle East. Shiva also take great interest in cars. Together, he and his family attend regular car shows and invest in one of a kind vehicles.

Today, Shiva remains immersed in the latest real estate and architectural trends and developments. He hopes to continue to shape E World Holdings into a world renowned property investment firm. For more information about Shiva Narayan’s travels check out his blog!